Troubleshooting a HoldMaster

Troubleshooting a HoldMaster connection

Occasionally, some new sensors may have a connection issue.

Firstly, ensure WiFi is on and connected and Bluetooth is on.
If it is a new install, please give permission for the App to use Bluetooth and Location data.

Here are a number of steps to try.

  • Check that a new battery is inserted with the positive upwards. See Installing a Battery
  • Open the Smartphone App. Your phone should be connected to your WiFi in this phase.
  • Click on HoldMasters button.
  • Click on Find a HoldMaster button.
  • Hold the HoldMaster close to the phone while it is scanning for any devices (within a metre)
  • HoldMaster sensor and its address should appear in the list.
  • If the HoldMaster does not appear in the list, push the Re Scan button. Try up to five times.
  • Once it appears, click on the HoldMaster in the list and it should show the HoldMaster Selection Page.
  • It should show as the selected HoldMaster. If it is registered, you can click on Set as Primary HoldMaster
  • Now click on Session Details button and put in your Shooter Name. Complete the rest and you should be good to go.

If your HoldMaster did not show up in the list after five tries, reinstall the App again and go through the same steps.

If there is still a connection issue, please email for further help.