The HoldMaster Sensor

The HoldMaster Sensor
Each HoldMaster sensor includes a CPU, Memory, and 6-axis Accelerometer with a replacable Coin Cell Battery and is housed inside a special case designed to attach easiy to your rifle or pistol, while the shooter is shooting at a fixed target.
The current sensor cases are only designed for .177 air rifles and pistols and .22lr rifles and pistols.
A robust case is still under design to suit larger calibre firearms.
The HoldMaster case comes in three styles. The details of these can be seen on the HoldMaster Cases page
Priamry HoldMaster
Secondary HoldMaster
Sensor Image
Sensor Image
As the HoldMaster does not 'view' a target through any optical sensors, it can only be used to analyse the quality of your hold, timing and rhythm.
The acceleration data from the HoldMaster is translated into apparent movement to show the quality of the hold, but cannot be converted, accurately, into actual movement and direction.
The data is used to identify the shot release through the change in acceleration. The data prior to the shot release is statistically analysed to identify the apparent centre of the shot. The apparent movement is the acceleration variation around the centre.
The battery in the sensor typically lasts for 4 - 5 60-shot session or 10 - 12 25-shot sessions.
Each HoldMaster must be purchased through an authorised supplier.
Each HoldMaster is registered, prior to sale. Any unregistered HoldMasters can not be used with any of the HoldMaster Apps.