Coaching Hints

Instead of “over analysing” the technical contents we should try to simplify the technical model in shooting.
Like we all know complexity is not an advantage in the training process.
The things that we teach should be easy to understand in case we want someone to learn them easily and well enough.
Basically the technical success in shooting depends only on a couple of things:
we have to point the gun in the middle of the target and then squeeze the trigger!
If the line from our eye to the target is not in the centre we will not hit the centre. As simple as that!
We are aware that kind of approach is very naive but however this is the main point if we want to hit the ten ring.
The next step is to emphasize this in the training process.
We need to practise especially these important and relevant things if we want to see some development.
Changing the outer position is not always the answer.
We need to have separate training sessions and clear goals for improving hold, aiming process and trigger control.
A lot of shooters are obviously shooting in training sessions. Are they training? That is another question.
It is extremely difficult for a human being to concentrate on several tasks at the same time.
Therefore we have to concentrate only on one technical topic at a time when we are trying to improve some technical part.
Keep it simple – do not add too much!
Kimmo Yli-Jaskari (M. Sc., ISSF A Coach)