HoldMaster Applications

HoldMaster Coach Smartphone Applications

A HoldMaster Coach Smartphone or tablet App is required to collect the data from the HoldMaster sensor.
The App collects the streaming data during a shooting session from the HoldMaster via Bluetooth, so no cables are required.
During a typical 60-shot match or session, the HoldMaster will collect approximately 16 - 20 Mb of high frequency data.

There are currently two Apps available to use. These include:

  • The Android HoldMaster Coach App available, free, from the Google Play Store; and
  • The Apple HoldMaster Coach App available, free, from the Apple App Store;
HoldMaster Android Coach App

The HoldMaster Android Coach App is available from the Google Play Store.
This app will run on an Android tablet but is not optimised for a tablet.

Search for HoldMaster in the Google Play store.

The Google Play Store link is: HoldMaster Coach

HoldMaster Apple Coach App

The HoldMaster Apple Coach App is available from the Apple App Store.
This app will only run on an Apple iPhone. Apple iPads are not supported.

Search for HoldMaster in the Apple App store.

HoldMaster Live App for tablets and smartphones (to be released)

The HoldMaster Live Application differs from the HoldMaster Coach in three key ways.

  1. This App is designed to be used on both phones and tablets. The Android App supports screens in both portrait and landscape mode.
  2. A new sensor has been introduced as the original sensor is no longer available.
    This app will support both the original and the new sensors.
  3. When this App is collecting Session data, each shot is analysed and the shot trace is shown immediately after the shot.
    This allows the shooter to instantly review their hold after each shot.

Details of the HoldMaster Live Applications will be updated on release to the Apple and Google Stores.